the wasp and the weather – prologue - poetry walk

Various inhabitants of Mechelen select a poem from the collection of Rzoezie and they perform these in public space. They do this at a location in the city that they think is suitable for the poem. The walk starts from the arts centre and a guide leads the audience through the city to the poems and their readers.

In this open-ended score, readers and participants of the walk explore together the relations between text and context, while probing collectively a touch of (un)decidability in this relation.

The readers in the poetry walk were: Walter Antonio Andino Midence, Vincent Dewerie, Tanja Gouverneur, Elke Horemans, Fouzya Toukart, Merel Vander Elst, Astrid Van Grunderbeek and Bart Van Gyseghem. Coaching was provided by Giovanni Baudonck. With special thanks to Jorien De Cloedt and the H30 team, Saskia Vervoort, Lina Lauwens, Brien Coppens, Maja Westerveld and Tjhoi Ng Sauw.