The Post Film Collective - Rerooting - film

HD video, 8mm transferred to HD video, color, 16:9, stereo & 5.1, Farsi, Greek, English, Somali, Azeri and French spoken, (EN st), BE, 2023, 19'

In 'Rerooting,' a multitude of voices, languages, and translations are spun together like the threads of a spider's web to bridge a space in which the creators are together on an audiovisual journey in which they seek to understand and reinforce each other. The voices wander and echo through the forest, making their way along uninhabited paths. The vast space that belongs to no one, and also to everyone, unfolds as the film also sets out as a work of many authors together.

written, directed, and discussed by The Post Film Collective (Mahammed Alimu, Marcus Bergner, Hooman Jalidi, Sawsan Maher, Mirra Markhaëva, Robin Vanbesien, and Elli Vassalou)
with the voices and the presence of Mahammed Alimu, Marcus Bergner, Hooman Jalidi, Sawsan Maher, Mirra Markhaëva, Elli Vassalou, Orchid, Amalia & Fluffy the spider
produced by Robin Vanbesien
filmed by Mahammed Alimu, Hooman Jalidi, Sawsan Maher, Mirra Markhaëva, and Elli Vassalou
edit and sounddesign by Elli Vassalou
re-recording mix by Thomas Ferrando
colour correction by Diren Agbaba

produced by timely
supported by Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Arts Centre Viernulvier, Beursschouwburg, Kunsthal Gent, Netwerk Aalst, Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA), Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp, Grimonster residency, Atelier Graphoui

feminist elsewheres festival, Arsenal, Berlin
Surplus cinema, Beursschouwburg, Brussels