The Post Film Collective / On Recreation / Ciné Assembly

In 'Ciné Assembly', The Post Film Collective practices cinema as a form of gathering and communal assembly which entails collective knowledge-production, reciprocal exchange, and ethics of connectedness. Multiple iterations are being set up, as part of the development process of our first film project 'On Recreation' (working title).

Ciné Assembly, Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Ciné Assembly, Conference 'The Future of Culture is Common", CCQO, University of Antwerp

Ciné Assembly, as part of Ciné Place-Making study circle, 4-5.03.2022, Kaaistudio's, Brussels

Ciné Assembly, Sint Lucas Antwerp (Part of Naively Radical Research Week, by SLARG (Sint Lucas Antwerpen Research Group) and Kunsthal Extra City)

Ciné Assembly, Voo?uit (Ghent) (Part of Openbare Werken festival 2021; This assembly marked the end of our residency working period at Voo?uit, together with filmmaker Christina Phoebe as our guest collaborator who also joined us for the conversation.)