Holding Rehearsals - hear / musical score drawings - installation

Marcus Bergner, Mahmoud Hamzeh Beshtawi, Mirra Markhaeva, Lázara Rosell Albear, Naomi van Kleef, and Khaled Zead created the vocal music for hold on to her. In the lobby and triangular corridor, a set of words and images offer traces of their collective creative process. These works emphasize the importance of vocal presence in the process of shared acoustic attunement during collective hearings. The two texts on the walls of the lobby, titled hear (2022), are excerpts from a listening workshop facilitated by sound designer Kwinten Van Laethem that took place in the spring of 2022 at the Aire de Bois de Gard near Mons. This rest area on the E42 highway is an important part of the crime scene in the Mawda case. The collective began its creative process with this workshop, which explores the ephemeral act of listening to a place once charged with deadly police violence, but of which there are no longer any visible traces. In the triangular corridor, a series of colourful drawings by the collective, musical score drawings (2022), are on display, depicting the musical scores composed and used in a playful and improvisational manner during the creative process.

Image: Lola Pertsowsky